The Exclusive Artistry of Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Singing Bowls

The Exclusive Artistry of Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Singing Bowls

Crystal Tones

Crystal Tones™, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, stands as the only U.S. producer of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™. Founded by the visionary duo Lupito and Paul Utz, their journey into sound healing began in 1997. This was the year they pioneered the creation of the first alchemical bowl, infusing moldavite into quartz magma, setting a new standard in the realm of sound healing.

24k gold Hathor Crystal Singing Bowl

The Veiled Artistry of Bowl Creation

The allure of Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Singing Bowls is amplified by the mystique that surrounds their creation. The company's reticence in revealing the intricacies of their manufacturing process adds a layer of mysticism to these instruments. This guarded approach serves to preserve the integrity and uniqueness of their bowls, each one a testament to the fusion of precise engineering and mystical tradition, ensconced in both secrecy and splendor.

The Evolution to Alchemy Bowls

In the hands of 'Lupito', the visionary behind Crystal Tones™, the alchemical singing bowls underwent a transformative evolution. By merging quartz with an array of crystals, minerals, and precious metals, the Alchemy Singing Bowls were born, each with a distinct vibrational signature designed to restore balance and promote wellness.

The Magic in the Making

Tara Kaur in Crystal Tones™ Temple

Each Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl™ by Crystal Tones™ is a marvel of craftsmanship and spiritual intent. Crafted from 99.99% pure grade quartz crystal, these bowls undergo a transformation under immense heat – reaching up to 4,000 degrees, akin to double the temperature of lava from a volcano. This intense process, guided by the expert hands and profound intuition of Paul Utz and his partner William, gives birth to instruments of deep healing and harmony.

A Symphony of Styles

Single vs. Multiple Alchemies

At the heart of Crystal Tones™ lies a diverse range of styles. The single alchemy bowls, imbued with a singular material, contrast beautifully with the multiple alchemy bowls, where a fusion of elements creates a rich tapestry of sound. Discover this variety at Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls.

Handheld Practitioner Bowls

Tara Kaur - Carnelian Practitioner singing bowl

For therapists seeking mobility in sound healing, the practitioner bowls are designed for ease of movement, channeling healing vibrations directly to the recipient. Explore these unique bowls at Practitioner Crystal Singing Bowls.

The Unique Morph Bowls

Morph Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal Tones™ presents the morph bowls - a testament to resilience and artistry. These bowls, once broken, are skilfully repaired, continuing their journey of healing. This capability is exclusive, symbolizing transformation and renewal. View these exceptional bowls at Morph Crystal Singing Bowls.

Etched Crystal Singing Bowls

Serpentine Etched forest crystal singing bowl

The etched bowls offer a personal touch, where sacred symbols and designs are engraved into the quartz, enhancing their spiritual resonance. Experience these engraved masterpieces at Etched Crystal Singing Bowls.

Super Grade Singing Bowls

Super Grade Crystal Singing Bowl

At the pinnacle of their craft, the super grade singing bowls represent the zenith of purity and quality, being 100% quartz. For those seeking the finest in sound healing, these are the ultimate choice. Discover the premium range at Super Grade Crystal Singing Bowls.

The Prestige of Crystal Tones™

When you choose a bowl from Crystal Tones™, you're investing in more than just a sound healing instrument. You're embracing a piece of art steeped in quality, prestige, and mystery. The secretive nature of their creation process adds an air of mystique to these bowls, enhancing their allure and appeal.

Crystal Tones™ Singing Bowls Showcase

Type Description Link
Crystal Tones Singing Bowls A full selection of single and multiple alchemy bowls, each offering unique healing properties. View Here
Practitioner Bowls Handheld bowls designed for mobility, perfect for therapists and sound healing practitioners. View Here
Morph Bowls These unique bowls, once broken, are skillfully repaired, symbolizing transformation and resilience. View Here
Etched Crystal Singing Bowls Bowls with sacred symbols and designs engraved, enhancing spiritual resonance. View Here
Super Grade Singing Bowls Representing the highest quality, these 100% quartz bowls are the epitome of purity and craftsmanship. View Here

Alchemy Bowls Material Categories

The material range in these bowls is vast, from Precious Metals to Gemstones, Rare Crystals, Earths, Minerals, and Super Grades. Each material contributes its unique healing properties, making every bowl a special entity.

Lemurian Seed, Pink Aura Gold & Grandmother Alchemy

Crystal Tones™ Precious Metal Bowls Collection

Bowl Type Description
Solid Gold Classic A luxurious bowl crafted from solid gold, offering rich, resonant tones ideal for classic sound healing.
Solid Platinum Classic Features solid platinum, known for its pure, high-frequency sounds and healing properties.
Solid Gold Therapeutic Combines the richness of gold with a design focused on therapeutic sound healing applications.
Chromium Alchemy Infused with chromium, this bowl is known for its balancing and grounding effects.
Titanium Alchemy The titanium in this bowl offers strength and clarity in its tones, ideal for focused meditation.
White Gold Alchemy White gold brings a mixture of purity and intention, creating a bowl with clear, soothing sounds.
Solid Silver Quartz Integrates solid silver with quartz for a bowl that combines traditional healing with modern elegance.
Tibetan Quartz Infused with Tibetan quartz, known for its high energy levels and spiritual awakening properties.
Palladium Alchemy Palladium adds a unique, ethereal quality to the bowl's sound, promoting transformation and innovation.
Pink Aura Gold A blend of gold and pink energy, creating a heart-centered and loving vibration.
Pink Ocean Gold Combines the love energy of pink with the vastness of oceanic elements, fostering emotional healing.
Aqua Gold Copper A fusion of gold and copper with aqua tones, promoting emotional balance and fluidity.
Aqua 24K Gold Melds the purity of 24K gold with aqua tones for a refreshing and rejuvenating sound experience.
Ocean 24K Gold Integrates the depth of the ocean with the richness of 24K gold, offering profound healing properties.
Platinum Quartz Platinum enhances the quartz with high-frequency vibrations, aiding in spiritual development.
Mother of Platinum A nurturing and maternal energy emanates from this bowl, ideal for gentle healing and comfort.

This collection from Crystal Tones™ presents a remarkable range of Precious Metal Bowls, each with its unique properties and healing benefits. These bowls are not only instruments for sound therapy but also works of art, representing the fusion of natural elements and expert craftsmanship.

Ruby Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Tones™ Precious Gemstone Alchemy Bowls Collection

Bowl Type Description
Diamond Alchemy™ Embodies the invincibility and clarity of diamonds, offering a powerful, amplifying energy in sound healing.
Ruby Alchemy™ Infused with the vitality and passion of rubies, this bowl stimulates the heart and root chakras for emotional and physical healing.
Citrine Alchemy™ Radiates the warm, optimistic energy of citrine, ideal for manifesting abundance and personal power.
Emerald Alchemy™ Brings the healing and nurturing essence of emeralds, fostering love, compassion, and balance.
Moldavite Alchemy™ Features the rare and transformative energy of moldavite, known for its intense frequency and high vibration.
Imperial Topaz Alchemy™ Imperial Topaz integrates strength and nobility, promoting confidence, and attracting abundance.
Amethyst Alchemy™ Infuses the calming and purifying qualities of amethyst, aiding in spiritual awareness and intuition.
Rose Quartz Alchemy™ Embraces the gentle, loving energy of rose quartz, enhancing emotional healing and self-love.

Each bowl in this collection is a unique blend of crystalline sound and the resonant properties of precious gemstones, creating an exquisite tool for meditation, healing, and spiritual exploration. The Crystal Tones™ Precious Gemstone Alchemy bowls are not only instruments of profound vibrational therapy but also objects of immense beauty and spiritual significance.

Tanzanite & Platinum Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal Tones™ Rare Crystal Singing Bowl Alchemy Collection

Rare Crystal Bowl Description
Anchi Crystal Alchemy™ Integrates Anchi crystals known for their unique grouping of energetic properties.
Apophyllite Alchemy™ Embodies the high vibration and clarity of Apophyllite crystals for spiritual awakening.
Azeztulite Alchemy™ Features the rare Azeztulite crystals for multidimensional healing.
Blue Moonstone Alchemy™ Radiates the feminine energy of Blue Moonstone, enhancing intuition and balance.
Carnelian Alchemy™ Utilizes the vitality of Carnelian to stimulate creativity and courage.
Celestite Alchemy™ Connects to angelic realms with the calming energy of Celestite.
Chrysoprase Alchemy™ Promotes growth, compassion, and connection to nature through Chrysoprase.
Kunzite Alchemy™ Encourages the opening of the heart, utilizing the loving energy of Kunzite.
Kyanite Alchemy™ Kyanite's balancing properties help to align the chakras and clear pathways.
Labradorite Alchemy™ Fosters magic and synchronicity with the mystical energy of Labradorite.
Lapis Lazuli Alchemy™ Enhances insight and truth with the deep celestial blue of Lapis Lazuli.
Lemurian Seed Crystal Alchemy™ Connects to ancient wisdom through the storied Lemurian Seed crystals.
Lepidolite Alchemy™ Brings emotional healing and stress relief with the soothing energy of Lepidolite.
Malachite Alchemy™ Known for transformation and clearing blockages with the power of Malachite.
Morganite Alchemy™ Invokes the warm, gentle love and healing of Morganite.
Phenacite Alchemy™ Offers one of the highest frequency vibrations in the crystal world with Phenacite.
Rhodochrosite Alchemy™ Radiates the heartfelt energy of Rhodochrosite to invite love and passion.
Selenite Alchemy™ Provides clarity of mind and access to angelic consciousness with Selenite.
Serpentine Alchemy™ Aids kundalini awakening and retrieval of ancient wisdom through Serpentine.
Smoky Quartz Alchemy™ Grounds spiritual energy and gently neutralizes negative vibrations with Smoky Quartz.
Sugilite Alchemy™ Encourages protection and healing with the "love stone," Sugilite.
Sunstone Alchemy™ Brings joy and warmth through the empowering energy of Sunstone.
Super 7 Alchemy™ Combines seven powerful minerals for a universal healing experience.
Tanzanite Alchemy™ Stimulates enlightenment and psychic powers with Tanzanite.
Pink Tourmaline Alchemy™ Attracts love in the material and spiritual world with Pink Tourmaline.
Tourmaline Alchemy™ Offers a multi-dimensional healing energy versatile for all types of work.
Turquoise Alchemy™ Acts as a spiritual balm to the heart and soul with the healing energies of Turquoise.

This table serves as a guide to the exquisite and rare alchemies Crystal Tones™ offers, each with a unique energy signature to aid in various aspects of healing and spiritual development. The Rare Crystal Alchemy bowls are perfect for collectors and practitioners who seek the profound resonances that only these special crystals can offer.

Sedona Red Rock Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal Tones™ Rare Earth Alchemy Singing Bowls Collection

Rare Earth Bowl Description
Frankincense Alchemy™ Infused with the ancient and sacred resin, Frankincense, this bowl is perfect for meditation and spiritual connection.
Sedona Red Rock Alchemy™ Carries the grounding energy of Sedona's Red Rock, facilitating deep Earth connection and stability.
Charcoal Alchemy™ Incorporates activated charcoal known for its purifying and cleansing properties.
Yagna Alchemy™ Contains the sacred ash from Yagna ceremonies, promoting healing and transformation.
Tesseract Salt™ Embodies the multidimensional energy of Tesseract Salt for clarity and energetic shift.
Mystic Hot Springs™ Captures the rejuvenating spirit of natural hot springs, aiding relaxation and renewal.

Androgynous Indium Super Grade Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal Tones™ Rare Mineral Alchemy Singing Bowls Collection

Rare Mineral Bowl Description
Grandmother Alchemy™ Channels the wisdom and nurturing energies associated with the archetype of the Grandmother, encouraging protection and grounding.
Grandfather Alchemy™ Embodies the authoritative and grounding energies of the Grandfather spirit, providing stability and strength.
Laughing Buddha Alchemy™ Infused with the joyous spirit of the Laughing Buddha, this bowl promotes happiness, abundance, and contentment.
Color Therapy Alchemy™ Utilizes the vibrational frequencies of colors for therapeutic purposes, aligning physical and emotional well-being.
Egyptian Blue Alchemy™ Carries the ancient energy of Egyptian blue, known for its healing and communicative properties.
Indigo Clear Alchemy™ Enhances intuition and inner vision, resonating with the deep vibrancy of indigo for clarity and insight.
Androgynous Indium Alchemy™ Balances masculine and feminine energies with the aid of Indium, fostering harmony and unity.
Ocean Indium Alchemy™ Merges the calming properties of the ocean with Indium, promoting deep inner peace and serenity.

Each bowl from this collection resonates with the unique vibrational frequencies of Rare Earth elements, offering transformative healing properties. These bowls are treasured for their ability to harmonize the energy within spaces and individuals, creating an atmosphere conducive to deep spiritual and physical well-being.


In the world of sound healing, Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ stand as a beacon of innovation, quality, and spiritual depth. From the fire-forged creation process to the diverse styles offered, each bowl is a testament to the dedication and vision of its creators. Whether for personal meditation, professional therapy, or simply as a sacred object of beauty and power, these bowls resonate with the essence of purity and transformation.

Remember, every bowl tells a story, a story of alchemy, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of harmony.

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