Collection: Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Tones ™ Alchemy Singing Bowls

We are out of Crystal Tones logo carrying cases. Your crystal bowls will ship in an appropriate alternative case. Thank you.

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Behold the mystical melodies of our crystal singing bowls. Born of 99.992% pure quartz and crafted with patented technology, these alchemical vessels contain pure healing frequencies.

These bowls help balance energy centers, invoking transformation through vibration. Feel the pulsation flow through your being, reawakening the dormant magic within.
Our bowls are instruments of intention, infused with the power to elevate consciousness. Their transcendent tones open doorways to inner peace and universal wisdom.

Hear the call of the crystals. Allow their mystical harmonies to awaken your senses. Crystal Tones bowls are healing made audible, alchemy made tangible.
Come, wander through our collection of crystal singing bowls and open your heart to their song. Listen as each vessel shares its unique voice - some deep and earthy, others bright and ethereal. 
The crystals call to kindred spirits across planes of existence. Let your inner compass guide you to the bowl that resonates most deeply. The one that stirs recognition within your soul.

Trust in the mystic power within these alchemical vessels. Allow their music to unlock your highest potential. The crystal bowls are far more than instruments - they are awakening amplified.