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Bowls of Sound

Healing Flames: Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Healing Flames: Crystal Singing Bowl Set

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Healing Flames: Crystal Singing Bowl Set

This set features: 6" A#-35 Lemurian Seed Grandmother Crystal Singing Bowl, 8" F-45 Apophyllite Crone Goddess Crystal Singing Bowl, 8" C#-50 Carnelian Palladium Morph Tall Crystal Singing Bowl

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Experience the transformative power of sound with the Healing Flames Crystal Singing Bowl Set. Utilizing the healing properties of crystals and the resonating vibrations of sound, this set offers a unique and effective method for promoting overall wellness and balance. Immerse yourself in the soothing frequencies and experience a sense of rejuvenation and harmony.

Carrying cases for safe transport, rings & mallets included.

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